The Quality of EVO Oil and Wine

We are a family-run company that has been taking care of the production of EVO oils and PGI wines for years, keeping the quality of the work done on each of our products unchanged over time. Traveling on our site will allow you to immerse yourself in our small reality, view all our products and stay informed about our company's news.

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Free shipping for all orders over € 100 only in ITALY, excluding cans in all formats.

Guaranteed transport and packaging

We take care of the best packaging in agreement with our couriers to ensure the best delivery.

Safe shopping

Shop safely on our official website thanks to the SSL certificate and the most popular payment methods.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monsignore oil is an Apulian extra virgin olive oil produced from olives selected from the best local producers in the countryside of Fasano and its surroundings. It is cold extracted below 25 ° C within 24 hours and is stored in steel silos;

From Puglia to the Heart

The authentic flavors of a unique land

An exciting special edition. We have embellished the typical handmade ceramic bottles with all the flavors and all the beauty of Puglia, respecting the peasant tradition of oil conservation. Your table will no longer be the same but will shine with the sun and the sea of our Puglia.

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