We are a family-run oil mill located in the Fasano plain between the beautiful White City (Ostuni), the Adriatic Sea with beautiful stretches of sand, the National Park of the coastal dunes and the hills of the Itria Valley.
On this stretch of land there are olive trees that the world envies us, just looking at them tells many stories, such as that of our family, so why not call them MONUMENTAL? Yes, thanks to them many companies were born.

Ours was established in 1955 thanks to the passion of Nonno Donato Barnaba who, by marrying Nonna Maria, has the opportunity to build his first oil mill.

Times are not the best, but stubbornness and willpower give good results. In 1980 with the support of his son Piero the desire to improve grows, giving development to the oil mill and purchasing the best qualities of olives from local producers in our area.

The results are not long in coming, including the gratitude of the various bottlers who buy our extra virgin and virgin oils.

In 1996 dad Piero with mom Caterina inherit the company from his grandfather Donato.

They decide to take care of the oil mill and they also undertake the pressing of wine grapes; over the years the business grows to the point of having to build a new structure using the best machines in the oil sector, always careful to achieve the excellence of the oil obtained from our Monumentals, begging to guarantee the product the utmost healthiness.

The timing of the process takes place within 24 hours of collection and all with cold pressing, that is below 25 °.

The conservation in steel silos stored in rooms where the temperature is always constant, the filtering and bottling are always kept under control in the same environments to bring on your table, like ours, the flavor and scents of our territory and these wonderful trees.

In the old structure a cellar has been built, where you can take care of the wine in all its phases until bottling.

Who tells you this story by transporting you in this short I travel to our company, I am Donato and Giovanni Barnaba, sons of Piero and Caterina, who believe that, in a multimedia world, knowledge and knowledge of the products of our land should be transmitted.

As history has transmitted us the flavors of good food and ancient traditions, we cannot believe that those who do not get their hands dirty should take the merits of our ancient knowledge…

We invite you to discover our products.

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