Monsignore oil is an Apulian extra virgin olive oil produced from olives selected from the best local producers in the countryside of Fasano and surroundings. It is cold extracted below 25 ° C within 24 hours and is stored in steel silos located in rooms at constant temperature.

After a partial filtration, the oil can be packaged and / or bottled according to customer requests. We have always encouraged producers to maintain the high quality of their product.

We take care of every step of the processing meticulously, from the crushing of the olives to the storage of the oil. All this is fundamental for us only in this way we can bring to the table of our customers an extra virgin olive oil with a refined taste and of the highest quality. All our products: oil, wine, etc. are checked and cared for by specialized personnel who guarantee compliance with the best food and health safety standards every day.

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